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What’s New From ikari?

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on our favorite designer, fabricator, and proprietor Roman Rusinov of ikari. Well, this time he beat us to it and popped us a note to let us know about some of the newer products he’s been “mad scientist-ing” to help tenkara anglers both on and off the water.

ikari W

Talk about an interesting spin on a line keeper. Instead of a bright red plastic “hook” held on the rod with a rubber o-ring, the ikari W ups the game a bit with polycarbonate clips that not only hold line, but also have integrated magnets to secure a fly or two. The clips attach via small velcro straps with neoprene pads to avoid scratching the finish of the rod. Pretty slick!

Updated ikari S

The ikari S has been around for a little bit. However, never settling for “good enough” it has recently been improved. What’s new in this version 2.0? If you’re not familiar with the original model, the outer cover spins around the spool hub to reveal an inner fly storage compartment. Well, the updated version works similarly, but now has three separate fly compartments. Excellent.

ikari D

Okay, this isn’t a fishing accessory. But it’s one that you may find very handy, especially if you’re a traveling angler. The ikari D is essentially a dial-style pill or vitamin box. With seven different compartments, just load your supplements and go. Magnets keep the lid on and allow the dial to move with satisfying “clicks”. This is definitely worth looking as an everyday carry solution.

NorCal x ikari Fly Drop #5

This Friday, (coincidentally April Fools Day), ikari will be dropping its latest collaboration with Nick Feller of NorCal Tenkara. I could write about it, but how about Nick tells you about it instead…

While the fly drop is not available yet, be sure to check out the ikari web shop on Friday if these flies interest you. They look pretty sweet to me.

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