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The DRAGONtail Kaida Pack Tenkara Rod is Now Available!

Today’s the day! After first teasing the rod in March, the DRAGONtail Kaida zx320 Pack tenkara rod is now available for purchase. Take advantage of some limited time “launch” savings, by following this link and using coupon code KAIDATA for $30 off the $149.99 MSRP from now through August 26th! (And that’s not a typo, there’s a TA at the end of KAIDA in the coupon code).

DRAGONtail Kaida Tenkara Rod - Tenkara Angler

The DRAGONtail Kaida zx320 Pack tenkara rod is a zoom model which fully extends to 320cm (about 10.5 feet), while having a shorter fishable setting of 286cm (a little over 9 feet). That extra bit of flexibility may help those that enjoy fishing choked streams adjust to their surroundings when things get tight… or open up.

However, what may make room for this rod in your quiver is the short length when fully collapsed. The Kaida shrinks to a mere 18 inches, making it a good 4 to 6 inches shorter than most other tenkara rods (not counting “pocket” models). This smaller form allows the Kaida to go inside backpacks if you so choose, rather than needing to lash it to the outside.

Matt recently spent a little time with the Kaida on one of the Tenkara Angler team’s favorite Wisconsin Driftless streams and had this to say about this compact but capable rod.

“The Kaida rod’s slim profile and shortened collapsed length make it exceptionally “handy”. It stores nicely on my small pack, but is comfortable enough to be hand carried all day. Fished at both length positions with 10.5 ft of #3 level line, 4 ft of 5x tippet, and a #14 Pass lake wet fly, the rod casts smooth and fast, with a fair tip recovery. The 6:4 action is firm but dynamic enough to feel the fish, with the power curve setting about 40% of the way down the rod’s length.

The Kaida easily managed wild brown trout up to 14 inches in mild current, and it will be sufficient for similar sized fish in moderate current/high gradient flows without issue. Trusting the manufacturer’s recommendation of 4x tippet will put an angler in position to surprise themselves with how big a fish this rod will safely catch. The 320 cm (9-10.5 ft) length is highly practical. It will fish both tighter streams and larger water better than you think it should do either. The slim grip makes it well suited for younger anglers or those with smaller hands. The Kaida is highly portable, extremely versatile, and a solid performer.”

Suggested Roles for the Kaida zx320 Pack Rod:

  • Pack rod/Travel rod/Multi-role backup
  • “One and done” for youth, smaller/shorter anglers, or tighter home waters
  • Kayak/Canoe/Watercraft rod

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