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Tsuribito: Searching for Golden Iwana

As you’re probably aware, fish are a prominent and popular theme in Japanese culture. One of the prominent brands that covers the sport of fishing is “Tsuribito” (which translates to “fisherman” in English).

Founded in 1946, Tsuribito supports all types of fishing – in rivers, lakes, oceans – through their print magazine and online resources and has branched off into several sub-brands (such as Basser) that cover the various disciplines. The reason I bring this up today is because the Tsuribito YouTube channel posted a wonderful video yesterday of a group of anglers venturing far off the beaten path in search of colorful iwana (char).

“The Arakawa River is a major river that flows into Tokyo Bay. In the headwaters of the Arakawa River, deep in the Chichibu Mountains, lives a unique color of char.

This time, we went deep into a mountain stream in search of such fish. In contrast to the open valleys of the Alps, we will fish for iwana in the calm beauty of the mossy valleys of Okuchichibu, and aim for the ridgeline of the watershed. Rope work and other skills are required to climb up the stream. Please do not go in alone.

Some people are working to protect char in Okuchichibu. Please enjoy fishing with moderation.”

So, as you settle in this weekend to watch your weekly installment of Tenkara Addict or Tenkara on the Trail, be sure to stop by Tsuribito’s YouTube Channel and take this one in. Despite the language barrier, the visuals are stunning and do all the talking necessary to appreciate a wonderful genryu outing.

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