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What is Tenkara … to You?

As I was interviewing folks for the Tenkara Angler Origins Video Series I also asked the question “What is Tenkara?”. Interestingly it became clear that this question causes introspection and the answers can become very personal. The term “tenkara” has become a sort of metonymn and when we say “tenkara” we are quite often really speaking of some aspect of it and the aspect to which we are referring can be different from person to person.

Well, enough of that let’s just get to the video.

Check out What is Tenkara (To You) on YouTube

Thanks to the interview victims Hugh Crissman, Jeff Lomino (Riverworks Rod Co.), Jim Tignor (on Instagram @Jim_tignor_art) , Eric Shiflett (on YouTube @edrewshif) and Rob Worthing (Tenkara Guides).

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