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Tanuki Pre-Sale: Barebones Nymphing PRO 360 & 380 Rods

It’s hard to keep up with Luong over at Tenkara Tanuki. I just recently posted about the Outbound Adventurer 320 pre-sale and now there’s a pre-sale for the Barebones Nymphing rods.

If you’ve paid attention to Tenkara Taunki over the past few years he’s leaned into fixed-line nymphing with rods like the Ninja, Shinobi 395 Carbon Grip (and Traditional Grip). It is a predilection to which I can relate.

Two new rods are being added to the Tenkara Tanuki lineup with nymphing in mind:


Tanuki Pre-Sale: Barebones Nymphing PRO 360 Rods - Tenkara Angler


Tanuki Pre-Sale: Barebones Nymphing PRO 380 Rods - Tenkara Angler

According to Tenkara Tanuki the Barebones Nymping rods are the culmination of years of prototype testing to create a fixed line rod specifically designed for nymphing. Both rods feature integral carbon fiber grips designed for enhanced sensitivity and strike detection.

Rod Specs:

Barebones 360

  • Length: ~ About 11’8′”/ 360cm
  • Weight: ~ Less than 3oz without the top cap.

Barebones 380

  • Length: ~ About 12’6″/ 380cm
  • Weight: ~ Less than 3oz without the top cap.

PRE-ORDER now for $299 and SAVE ($75), regularly $375
Estimate Shipping Time: Mid-Jan 2023

Tanuki has kindly provided a coupon code for all Tenkara Angler readers!
Save 5% off your purchase at their website using code TENKARAANGLER

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  1. Hope you folks are able to get your hands on these for a more thorough review. There’s not much in the way of detailed specifications on Luong’s website making it a bridge too far for me to commit $300.

  2. Would love to see a review specifically of the new handle design on all his latest rod releases. Are they as hard and slick as they look? How’s the grip when wet or in winter? Guess I’m old school. I recently ordered my first Tanuki rod – the 2nd gen. Ninja, specifically because it had a foam handle.

    1. I don’t have any experience with the new rods yet. I would say that Shinobi 395 rod he released last Fall (think it was the first one with a graphic on the grip) was matte textured finish so that had a very nice feel and grip in hand. The grip itself was a little narrow, but not slick at all. It is hard though, it’s just carbon, so no give.

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