A Shoutout to 10 Colors Tenkara

There’s a lot of tenkara infomation available on the internet these days. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube… blogs, manufacturer websites, and whatever you’d call a site such as this… all feature tenkara chatter in some way. Some are good at organizing information, but most are not. Have you ever tried to find that interesting post or image you saw last week about tenkara manipulations on Facebook or Instagram? Good luck… it’s not always an easy task.

One of the old school ways to share (and more importantly categorize) information are forums. They were all the rage in the days of pre-smartphone internet, but have become less popular in today’s age of quick-twitch content creation. The advantage forums have over almost any other form of social media is that they arrange information by topic, making it much easier to catalog and refer to at a later date. For some things, going retro is definitely better. Enter 10 Colors Tenkara.

A Shoutout to 10 Colors Tenkara - Tenkara Angler

10 Colors Tenkara is an active tenkara forum with at least five years of tenkara and fixed line conversation found within its platform. You can discover and participate in topics such as rods, lines, flies, trip reports, techniques, you can even buy and sell gear. While I referred to the forum format as “retro”, 10 Colors is far from it, with a crisp, modern, and user friendly interface.

A Shoutout to 10 Colors Tenkara - Tenkara Angler - Forum

While it’s not as chatty as some of the popular Facebook tenkara groups, it is active and the folks that participate tend to know a lot about the subject. Personally, I’ve been a member since 2017, and while I probably lurk in the shadows more than share, I still make sure to stop by weekly to check out the various dialogue streams. If you think you’d like to geek out with your fixed line fishing somewhere that isn’t Facebook or Instagram, 10 Colors Tenkara is defintely worth a visit!

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