Tenkara Angler’s Top Posts of 2022

With 2022 coming to a close, we wanted to celebrate what’s been a most excellent year in the tenkara community. A resurgence of in-person events, a bunch of new rods to cast, and generally, just a ton of renewed energy in all directions toward tenkara and fixed line fly fishing.

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - Wisconsin School

At Tenkara Angler, we saw that energy first hand. Kicking the year off with a new print issue after a bit of a hiatus, everything has been trending up ever since. As a matter of fact, if you trust web statistics, this website’s readership surged to all time highs! As such, we thought this would be a great opportunity to revisit the top viewed posts originally published in 2022. Sure, the posts from the beginning of the year have an advantage in compiling readership, but this isn’t a competition.

Honorable Mentions

And now the top five read posts…

5. The Tenkara Rod Co. Kita is Coming!

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - Tenkara Rod Co. Kita

This was a simple introduction post with the news that Tenkara Rod Co. was releasing their second Japanese-made rod, the Kita. This rod has become quite popular in the months since its release.

4. DRAGONtail Tenkara NIRVANA Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - 
Nirvana rotary vise

There’s no tenkara brand or retailer that offers quite as extensive of a catalog as DRAGONtail does. When they expanded their NIRVANA brand into a value-priced, high quality rotary vise, our readers took notice.

3. Tenkara Rods in Steelhead Alley

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - Derek Catchot

2022 may have been the year of “big fish tenkara.” Interest in the topic was reinforced with Derek Catchot’s post outlining his fixed line journey with his Wasatch Tenkara rods in Erie, PA taking on steelhead!

2. Catfish is Cool Now

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - Catfish is Cool

OK, this was an April Fool’s post. It was popular, and even slightly misunderstood when published, but this one clearly has some serious search engine weight because it continues to be one of the most read posts on Tenkara Angler to this day!

1. Big Fish Tenkara Rods: A (Fairly) Comprehensive Guide

Tenkara Angler's Top Posts of 2022 - Rodzilla

In 2021 we published an extremely popular guide to short tenkara rods. We followed that up in 2022 with a similar, and wildly popular guide on big fish tenkara rods. If you haven’t read this one, give it a click. We probably need to update it with a few newer rods too, like the Satoki & Siyco.

Those were Tenkara Angler’s top posts of 2022… was one your favorite? Is there a topic you’d like us to address in 2023? Or maybe you’d like to write about it yourself? Let’s have a conversation in the comments below!

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