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Shimano Tenpei ( Tenzo ) Tenkara Rod to be Released

Shimano is set to release a new tenkara rod in 2023, specifically designed as an entry level rod. Called the Tenpei ( Tenzo ) Tenkara, it will be released in two different lengths: 3.3 and 3.6 meters.

Shimano Tenpei Tenzo Tenkara Rod - Tom Davis - Tenkara Angler

Shimano states as level line tenkara has become more mainstream, this model has been developed with a focus on the ease of casting. Its parabolic flex action makes it easily cast by anyone. They say that this is one rod where you can fully enjoy the taste of tenkara. The rod will have a 6:4 flex profile, allowing a more relaxed and forgiving casting experience for those starting out in level line tenkara.

Shimano Tenpei Tenzo Tenkara Rod - Tom Davis - Tenkara Angler - Ishigaki
3.3 Meter Version3.6 Meter Version
8 sections9 sections
48.7 cm (19 in.) nested48.7 cm (19 in.) nested
3.23 m (10.6 ft. ) extended3.65 m (12 ft. ) extended
64 g (2.26 oz.)70 g (2.47 oz.)
20,000 Yen21,800 Yen
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Shimano Tenpei Tenzo Tenkara Rod - Tom Davis - Tenkara Angler - Tech Grid
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Shimano Tenpei Tenzo Tenkara Rod - Tom Davis - Tenkara Angler - Ishigaki Fishing

So, if you are new to tenkara, or want to try a Japanese tenkara rod designed for level line tenkara, this might be the rod for you! I have owned many Shimano rods, and I find them pleasant to fish, with an action uniquely influenced by tenkara master, Dr. Hisao Ishigaki. If you’ve never fished a Shimano, maybe it’s time! For a more specific release date, contact your favorite Japanese tenkara rod importer.

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  1. Thanks for the update Tom. Now that TenkaraBum is not an option, from whom would you recommend I purchase Japanese-made rods?


  2. I wonder how they make the action parabolic as this is usually accomplished by thickening the black in the mid section before it tapers down to the tip. But this rod has a straight taper. They could possible make the walls of the butt end thinner, then the walls of the mid section thicker, etc., but how would the nest together?

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