Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast : Call for Questions

Q&A Episode

It’s been a while since an episode of the Level Line Podcast has come out and we’re itching to get back on the virtual airwaves and bring some new material to you. So what we want to do is address your questions with a Q&A episode.

Podcast Call for Questions - Tenkara Angler

Submit Your Questions in the Comment Section

So please, in the comment section below submit your questions and we’ll address them in the podcast. If we get too many for a single show then we’ll save them for another.

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  1. Do you ever use a clear or nearly clear (green tinted) level line (with a colored section of sighter)? Why or why not? If so, under what circumstances?

    Thank you!

    1. Positive! Been catching a lot of brook trout ~tight lining tungsten bead nymphs on our small mountain streams. Orange level line to tippet transition = indicator.

  2. What to take into consideration when selecting rods and line based on fishing conditions and locations.

  3. Any tips for fishing a large tailwater? And are there plans to make the podcast more regular? Sure would fill a huge void. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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