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At Last… Life is Like a Song (With A Possible Wormhole)

Article by Rich Robinson

My final trout of 2022 was winkled out of Consols pool on the Stennack River, St. Ives, Cornwall, England – behind Hellesveor Methodist Church. I do not expect the tenkara method has ever been fished on this pond before but the size seemed perfect.

At Last... Life is Like a Song (With A Possible Wormhole) - Rich Robinson - Tenkara Angler

After many family holidays of walking by in both directions in and back out of town, I have never seen anyone fishing it, despite its location to one of the busiest tourists spots in the entire UK – not one soul ever with a fishy looking sniff around them. If tenkara has only been on the English scene about 14 years I do really doubt anyone one has or will do, for at least for a few more seasons.

Having made my wife and son briefly stop on a yearly basis, I would gaze over this pool thinking, “A week off work – looking forward to good food, plenty of booze, and chill on the beach… but NEXT year, I must bring a fly rod for a few casts…”

This year the prophecy was fulfilled.

My wife and I walked the mere 30 yards from our Airbnb at Tom’s Yard around 9am on a dull, warm morning with a 30-minute self imposed curfew. I had already strung up my Tenkara Rod Co. 10 foot Beartooth slightly tipsy (well, very tipsy if truth be told) the night before with a self tied size 14 claret bodied F fly. Simple claret seal, bushy dubbing body, and sparse CDC wing. Claret thread and a barbless Tiemco 14 hook.

My very first cast saw a quick flick of rejection but my pulse very much quickened as at least ‘something’ moved beneath. A large minnow? Years of anticipation of catching anything here had already made my mouth dry. Almost nervous. A couple of false casts, a full laid out level line soon saw a small but bright rudd flipping and splishing on my second landed cast. Upturned bottom lip, golden hue and bright orange-red fins.

At Last... Life is Like a Song (With A Possible Wormhole) - Rich Robinson - Tenkara Angler - Rudd

With her returned, I glanced up and paused a while. The odd tiny rise I probably didn’t notice previously when unspooling the tipsylyly {hic!} tied leader when I wasn’t even fully stationary.

A few false casts to dry the F fly, I landed her just a few feet to the right of a pimple rise. The moment the fly landed the line went taught and a slightly more boisterous tugging. My initial thought was a bigger rudd; the pool of this river was probably stuffed full of them. Until the fish was closer and it was a lovely marked Cornish wild brown trout!

At Last... Life is Like a Song (With A Possible Wormhole) - Rich Robinson - Tenkara Angler - Brown Trout

Job done. Executed far more quickly than I had imagined, but the years of just thinking about fishing the spot had created a zen like wormhole shortcut to glory. I was right. It looked a trouty pool on a river, not a mile from the sea, that contained trout. A light tenkara set up was just the ticket.

Even my wife was surprised when I spooled the tippet back and shimmied the rod down, cap plug inserted and back in the pack. “Done already?” she smiled. My grin told everything!

Next stop – find a pub open before 11am for a victory beer. Life was indeed like a song on pool on the River Stennack, with the last trout of 2022.

At Last... Life is Like a Song (With A Possible Wormhole) - Rich Robinson

Note: Yes, the rudd did poop on me

Rich Robinson lives in Warrington, England. Discovered tenkara a few years ago online and never looked back! He’s planning on writing an extended pieces on tenkara in the English Lake District – Becks and Tarns. Life long Gierach fanboy!

This article originally appeared in the 2022-23 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine.

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