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river peak Sangaku Special Tenkara Rods Now on Pre-Order!

Rods produced by Japanese maker river peak have become very popular in recent years. We’ve discussed them frequently on Tenkara Angler, and they have a bit of a cult following. Now river peak is releasing a new, and quite different rod called the Sangaku Special, which as of today is available for pre-order at Tenkara Adventure Outfitters, the exclusive North American distributor of river peak rods.

river peak Sangaku Special Tenkara Rods Now on Pre-Order! - Tenkara Angler

The Sangaku Special is a bit of a departure from the more familiar river peak Kiwami series in that it comes in three shorter lengths of 2.4, 2.7, and 3.0 meters (approximately 8, 9, and 10 feet), has a stiffer flex profile (8:2), does not have a cork grip, and is essentially a pocket rod collapsing down to about 32cm (12.5 inches). For those that are curious, “Sanagku” translated to English means “Mountain”.

According to river peak’s website:

“Tenkara fishing requires toughness and controllability in narrow and steep mountain streams. Designed to keep the casting width as low as possible and enable pinpoint fly casting. At the same time, we have finished the rod with power that does not leave the initiative to the fish. The closing size is 1 foot. It is extremely portable and can be stored compactly in your bag.”

Additionally, I was told by a river peak representative that the Sangaku Special is “…designed to cast a heavy kebari, anglers may use fly line…”

river peak Sangaku Special Tenkara Rods Now on Pre-Order! - Tenkara Angler - Field Shot

We could make some assumptions based on the following dimensions provided by river peak, however Tom Davis has the 2.7 and I have 3.0 on the way for evaluation, so we’ll be able to provide our own independent analysis, including CCS & RFI shortly.

As of this writing, the Sangaku Special at Tenkara Adventure Outfitters retails between $137 and $160, so they are aggressively priced when compared to other pocket rods made in Japan.

To close, here’s a video produced by river peak showing the Sangaku Special in action on a mountain stream in Japan. It definitely looks like it will be an interesting rod for those looking for an option that’s a bit shorter in form and function. (Try turning on english subtitles for optimal enjoyment).

What do you think of the river peak Sangaku Special? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m definitely interested.

    I like this guy’s style. Notice the remark about earning points with his feet? That’s the main lesson of Tenkara for me. Once I was limited by the length of the rod and fixed line, I realized I had developed a bad habit with the regular fly rod. I was not using my feet and thinking two or three steps ahead. Instead I’d rely on a longer cast and/or a tricky mend.

    I also like how the auto-translate interprets the sound of rushing water as [applause].

  2. Off the top of my head, it doesn’t peak my interest. I can understand wanting to compete in the pocket rod market. But, 8:2 seems a bit stiff to me. However, as always I will look forward to reading yours and Tom’s review.

  3. I’ve bought the other 3 River Peak rods wheather I needed them or not because that Kiwami 33 really hit me in the feels, so I’m sure that I’ll end up with these eventually. I really want that 23 to not be as stiff as a board but yet more stiff than the FoxFIRE.

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