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The Wise Old Brownie

Article by Jerry Reitz

Urban fishing has always been an exhilarating experience, but the excitement reaches new heights when you uncover the hiding spot of a particular large fish.

Recently, while tenkara fishing in Bellefonte, PA, my son Dylan spotted a sizable brown trout lurking and feeding near a sizeable rock at the water’s edge. Armed with his trusty 10KARA 10.6″ rod and a 3.5 level line, he used a dry blue-winged olive to tempt the elusive creature. Despite numerous attempts with different presentations, the crafty brown fish would tease us by rising, inspecting, and vanishing like a seasoned elder. We decided to call it a day and planned to return later for another try.

About a week later, we made our way back for a quick visit, and true to his determined spirit, my son headed straight to the large rock, hoping to outwit “old Mr. Brownie.” To his delight, the big brown was still there, rising and feeding.

After an intense hour of presenting various bugs to the wise brown trout, he finally took the bug—a size 14 tan caddis—and the battle began! Watching my son tight line with a fish he had pursued so ardently was almost as thrilling, if not more so, than catching a fish myself.

Finally, the triumphant moment arrived as the trout was netted, and we captured a few pictures to commemorate the occasion before releasing it back into the water to continue its life of challenging other passionate anglers. Tenkara has provided me with numerous rewarding moments, but the most fulfilling part is witnessing the growth of the person you introduce to this fishing style, as they eventually master the art (if there is such a thing) and land their own catch. There’s a shared smile that all anglers experience when everything falls into place.

The Wise Old Brownie - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz

Reflecting on these fishing adventures, I fondly recall the days spent fishing with my grandfather as a child. Now I understand the joy he felt when I caught a fish, no matter its size. Thank you, Pap, for your encouragement and the smiles when I proudly netted a 7″ trout back then.

Jerry Reitz, a native of Pennsylvania, developed a deep-rooted love for the outdoors at a young age. Growing up in the Nittany Valley, he spent his days exploring the limestone small mountain streams and honing his angling skills. In recent years, Jerry’s passion for fishing took an exciting turn when he discovered tenkara.

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