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A Takayama Two For One

We’re big fans of Adam Rieger’s YouTube channel here at Tenkara Angler. So when he recently posted a video featuring Takayama style kebari, we thought it was a perfect time to once again share with the tenkara community.

This video features Adam tying both a Takayama jun kebari, as well as a sakasa kebari. I have to say that when I personally tie sakasa kebari, I tend to mimic the latter pattern. There’s just something about that peacock herl thorax that makes those flies just a little extra “fishy”… in a good way of course!

Tying Takayama Kebari - Michael Agneta Driftless Brown

If you’re not planning on fishing this weekend, watching a few of Adam’s videos might prove to be the perfect sort of inspiration to make you spend some time at the vise. Despite the tendency for tenkara anglers to prefer simplicity in their gear, one can never have too many flies.

(Editor’s Note: If you’ve not yet taken the plunge into the world of fly tying, fear not. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. Getting started can simple, as several of our friends offer supplies specially tailored for tying flies suited for tenkara.

Tenkara USA features fly tying kits, where you can purchase everything you need in one package. Additionally, DRAGONtail Tenkara offers a wide selection of a la carte hooks, feathers, thread, and yarns. Check them out, watch a few instructional videos like Adam’s, and get in on the fun!)

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