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Reader Review: Seiyu Therapy 33 Tenkara Rod

Article by Jerry Reitz

While I typically refrain from delving into discussions about rods and equipment, I hold the belief that whatever enhances your fishing experience is absolutely fine by me. Recently I had the chance to back a Kickstarter program for what I believe is a great cause. So after receiving the Seiyu Therapy 33 tenkara rod, I thought I’d give it a shot and write up a short review about it.

Reader Review Seiyu Therapy 33 Tenkara Rod - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz

I must admit that I own several (maybe an addiction) tenkara rods and have found joy in fishing with each one, right from my first purchase to the latest addition.

One a recent weekend day trip to the Pine Creek Valley, I had the opportunity to put this particular rod to the test, and I must say, its performance was remarkable. The rod exhibits an impressive level of sensitivity and lightness, enabling me to detect even the faintest of touches. This attribute, however, sometimes leads to comical mishaps, as my fly tends to take flight in the opposite direction.

Reader Review Seiyu Therapy 33 Tenkara Rod - Tenkara Angler - Jerry Reitz - Hopper

Humor aside, I paired it with an 11-foot 3.0 level line, a 3-foot 5x tippet, and one of my San Juan worms – the result was astonishing! The rod handled the fish, including both browns and energetic rainbows, with ease and finesse.

The tactile experience of wielding this rod is extraordinary – from its weight and balance to its aesthetic appeal, which, while not the most crucial factor, is certainly a nice bonus. I particularly appreciate the integrated line holders, which prove incredibly convenient when transitioning between fishing spots.

For those seeking a top-notch rod that supports a great cause and delivers exceptional performance without causing a dent in your wallet, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Seiyu Therapy 33 tenkara rod a shot!

Editor’s Note: Tenkara Angler also supported the Seiyu Therapy Kickstarter, so Mike put together an “unboxing video” on our YouTube channel that compliments Jerry’s Reader Review if you’d like to take a more visual tour of the rod.

Watch Seiyu Therapy 33 Unboxing Video on YouTube

Rod Specifications from the Seiyu Website:

  • Material: High quality Japanese carbon fiber
  • Rod length (extended): 330 cm / 10.82 ft
  • Rod length (collapsed): 56 cm / 22 in
  • Handle Length: 29 cm / 11.5 in
  • Handle material: cork, EVA foam
  • Weight (without rod cap): 80 g / 2.8 oz
  • CCS / RFI: 18 pennies / 5.45
  • Action: 6:4, Medium flex
  • Embedded line winders for easy/smooth mobility to/from points on the water
  • 360 degree micro-swivel lillian

Jerry Reitz, a native of Pennsylvania, developed a deep-rooted love for the outdoors at a young age. Growing up in the Nittany Valley, he spent his days exploring the limestone small mountain streams and honing his angling skills. In recent years, Jerry’s passion for fishing took an exciting turn when he discovered tenkara.

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