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Want More From Your Mizuchi? New Soft Action Sections Available!

As most of you know, I really like the DRAGONtail Mizuchi. For me, it answers all that I need when hunting native trout in small creeks. But some tenkara anglers have wanted more from their Mizuchis. They would like it to be a little shorter, to answer those even tighter creeks. They would like it to be a little softer in flex action, to flex more when casting a light line in its shortest length. Well, DRAGONtail has heard your comments and has answered!

Available now from DRAGONtail Tenkara is a set of two softer, replacement segments that will transform your original “power” Mizuchi into a “finesse” Mizuchi! Born from DRAGONtail’s experience in combining high performance glass and carbon fiber, the two replacement segments will make your Mizuchi more flexible, and yet just as strong. These segments take the Mizuchi from being a fast action, powerful creek rod to a more full flex, finesse rod in seconds!

Get the new Mizuchi soft action rod sections HERE

When using one or both of the finesse segments, you can dial in your Mizuchi to make it just what you need for your waters and your fish, and get the flex profile that you desire. Here, let me show you.

Want More From Your Mizuchi? New Soft Action Sections Available! - Tenkara Angler - Tom Davis
The Soft Action Attachment Sections are gloss black color so you can tell the difference between them and the original carbon fiber sections.

The segments in the Mizuchi soft action kit replace the original 3rd and 4th segments (I use the Japanese convention where the tip segment is the 1st segment). Using different combinations, you can get different rod actions, without compromising the rod’s arc/bend profile. These tables will make things more clear.

Want More From Your Mizuchi? New Soft Action Sections Available! - Tenkara Angler - Tom Davis - Installation
Rod ConfigurationOriginal4th Segment Replaced3rd & 4th Replaced
Short Length:240 cm/16 pennies/RFI 6.6231 cm/12.5 pennies/RFI 5.4223 cm/11 pennies/RFI 4.9
Mid Length:292 cm/17 pennies/RFI 5.8284 cm/15 pennies/RFI 5.7276 cm/14.5 pennies/RFI 5.3
Fully Extended:340 cm/18 pennies/ RFI 5.3330 cm/16 pennies/RFI 4.8323 cm/16 pennies/RFI 4.9
For more on CCS and RFI, watch our YouTube video on the subject.

So using the soft action segments, you can lower the RFI from a power 6.6 to a soft 4.9, when the rod is in it’s shortest length. It also shortens the rod, making it more useful in even tighter creeks.

Want More From Your Mizuchi? New Soft Action Sections Available! - Tenkara Angler - Tom Davis - Soft Sections
Original 3rd and 4th segments (top) and replacement finesse segments (bottom).

So there you have it. Finesse segments for your Mizuchi! Isn’t it great to be alive! If you want to dial in your Mizuchi for the conditions you fish, you can purchase your soft action segments HERE. Using the link will support both DRAGONtail and Tenkara Angler.

Happy fishing!

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  1. NINE options less than or equal to 340 cm out of a single rod. This is going to drive the non-zoom rod proponents absolutely batty.

  2. This is a great option for those who want something between the Mizuchi rod and the FoxFIRE rod in lengths and action.

  3. Just placed my order. The Mizuchi is my most fished rod, and these optional sections are like having interchangeable barrels on a shotgun. Great idea, thanks Brent.

  4. Expecting delivery tomorrow. Great write up. Any chance of including the numbers for only replacing the third segment?

  5. Fished both 3rd and 4th soft action replacement sections in a small stream on a three day camping trip in the Eastern Sierras in California. Caught a significant amount of wild brown trout from 5-11″ and some stocked rainbows in the 12-14″ range. Definitely noticed a difference between the two actions. When replaced with the soft action sections, the casting performance increases with light weight flies but suffers a bit when casting heavier tungsten beadhead nymphs as compared to the original stiffer sections. I did notice I bounced (lost) less fish as the softer action absorbed more shock of the fight especially on the squirmy smaller fish that tend to come off the hook easily. Haven’t tried mixing different combination sections yet, but as the previous commenter said, I would like to know the numbers for replacing just the third section as well. Overall an awesome addition to increasing even more versatility in the Mizuchi.

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