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Tenkara Adventure Outfitters (TAO) was established in 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin. The company was originally known as Badger Tenkara started by Matt Sment and Mike Lutes. It was sold to TAO in 2019 where these unique rods continue to be offered. The rods were developed and tested from the ground up in the famous waters of the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, which has some of the best trout fishing around!

Tenkara Adventure Outfitters’ main focus is adventure though simplicity. Tom Bayly (current owner of TAO) was an early adopter of tenkara and was eager to carry on the line of rods that Badger created. Part of TAO’s mission is promoting using the bare essentials in the outdoors. It is TAO’s belief by committing only to what is needed, outdoors men and women will have more fun and an enhanced sense of accomplishment. You will find TAO actively promotes tenkara rods for warmwater species along with cold. In short “tenkara where you find it” – making tenkara accessible for all anglers despite their local resources.

In addition to selling their own branded rods, Tenkara Adventure Outfitters is also the exclusive North American dealer for river peak‘s Kiwami line of rods. Pretty much a rod to meet any tenkara angler’s need can be found at TAO.

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U.N.C.8′ 6″2.0 oz6:4$99Review / Buy
Scout10′ 6″2.15 oz6:4$115Buy
Classic11′ 9″3.2 oz6:4$120Review / Buy
Bad Axe9′ 10″
11′ 5″
3.05 oz6:4$135Review / Buy
Wisco 213′ 4″4.15 oz7:3$145Buy
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